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Following a successful legal career working for some of the most prestigious French high fashion luxury goods manufacturers, Caroline de Benoist launches her first jewelry collection, which she likes to define as "Seriously fancy": a mix of rigorous crafting process and use of noble raw materials to create original and unique shapes.

Her creations reflect her passion for melting colors, for mixing shapes and insets, and playing with the irregularity and imperfection of lines.

Caroline de Benoist loves combining gemstones with generous shapes and delicate colors with beautifuly worked precious metals.

She designs each piece of jewelry to be worn alone or in combination with other jewels. Each of her jewel brings to you either its precious touch or its boheme style to uniquely match your mood and look of the moment.

Caroline de Benoist jewels are crafted with silver, gold and gemstones by talented balinese craftmans which have successfuly maintained an exceptional know how and kept a great mindset in Bali, a location which is a limitless source of inspiration for a jewelry designer.

Each piece of jewelry is hand made, each stone is unique which means that colors and shapes may change from one piece to another, making each jewel a unique creation.

Between boheme chic and contemporary elegance, Caroline de Benoist jewels are precious pleasures you can enjoy every day, and experience the particular touches of feminity they bring... when fancy becomes serious!

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